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TFL PCO Licence Application & Topographical test training

The PCO Application process can be quite difficult and challenging but here at Aarkri, we make things easy for you. Get your application filled correctly without any headache. We offer our customer expert advice in filling the PCO application.Ā 

Licensing requirements

To get a licence:

  • You must be aged 21 or older when you apply for your licence; there is no upper age limit.
  • You must have a full DVLA, Northern Ireland, European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) state driving licence that is at least three years old.
  • You must have the right to live and work in the UK
  • You must be a ‘fit and proper’ person to hold a licence. You will need to have an enhanced criminal records check done by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)
  • You must be physically fit. This will mean that you will need to have a medical examination with a doctor who has access to all of your medical records. The medical requirements are the DVLA Group 2 medical standards
  • You will need to take a separate test to check your ability to select and plan a route, read a map and identify locations. The test is held in a centre approved by TfL and conducted under exam conditions by a TfL examiner. This test is known as a Topographical Skills Assessment
  • You will need to prove that you have at least a B1 level of ability in the English language. Your English language reading and writing skills will be derived from the Safety, Equality and Regulatory Understanding Assessment

Topographical skills test- This assessment is held in TFL ā€“ approved centres.

We have experienced teachers who will teach you at a high-quality level.Ā 

The exam is 25% Multiple choice questions from the A-Z Master Atlas book and 75% Route Planning.

The assessment will test all aspects of map reading skills:

  1. Using indexes to identify points/locations
  2. Using a map to identify directions and points/locationsĀ 
  3. To plan a route between two locationsĀ 
  4. To demonstrate knowledge of compass points within direction.

Duration of Course

2-4 Weeks